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Home Rules

Please take a few moments to read through the house rules - we ask all our friends and guests to please agree to these requests so we can maintain a quiet and spiritual atmosphere:



  • please leave shoes and egos in the entrance cupboard :-) 

  • please wear slippers inside (provided)  

  • please keep things tidy, we enjoy the space more like that

  • please lock valuables in the safety box, we cannot take responsibility for them

  • please make/answer phone calls in your room only

  • relaxing music played at a low volume is fine

  • between the hours of 10pm-6am please take particular care not to disturb other guests and/or neighbours

  • please advise any damages immediately so we can take care of it



  • please don’t wear outside footwear inside the apartment (please put them in the shoe cupboard by the door)

  • please don’t disturb others, the shared spaces are to be quiet and relaxing

  • please don’t bring non-veg foods into the apartment (no items containing egg, fish, meat etc.) 

  • please don’t bring unauthorized guests to the homestay without first getting permission from Madhav

  • no smoking, drinking or drug taking is allowed in the homestay - 

  • anyone under the influence of alcohol or drugs will be asked to leave the homestay immediately

  • no loud noise, music or parties is permitted at the homestay

  • pets are not allowed at the homestay 

  • please don’t disturb our neighbours (ie by making loud noise by the elevator etc.)


Upon arrival Indian nationals must present their ID and foreign nationals and NRIs (Non-resident Indians) must present their passport & visa to fill out the mandatory Foreigner’s Registration Arrival Report.

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