Why this retreat :

Our immune system is a reflection of our lifestyle and health. As is the universe as is our body. Everything is made of five elements either living or non living. With the passage of time and industrialization and our so-called hectic lifestyle we are getting away from nature. The reason from where all the problems – mentally, physically and emotionally starts. In Ayurveda Ahara (diet), Vihara (lifestyle) and Vichara (thinking patterns) – when followed properly and positively can lead to a strong immune system.

Just being residing close to Maa Ganga, breathing fresh air, being exposed to good sunlight and soul earthing with the soil – helps in healing the body from the inside out.

Getting up with the morning bells from the temple, listening to the healing sounds of water from Maa Ganga, nature meditation, mindful eating and mindful walks in nature etc all are mood elevators as well as immune boosters.

Retreat Objectives :


Main focus is to achieve a balanced, satwik and static lifestyle to develop the six dimensions of human existence.


To be more productive in life by following deeper mental, physical and psychological balance.


To feel the sense of having increased vigor and vitality.


This 2 weeks programme will help programming your brain for Incorporating a healthy lifestyle including eating nutritious food, practicing healthy habits, walking, exercising regularly and maintaining good emotional and mental health and adequate sleep.

Retreat Includes :

  • Pick up from the airport 

  • Welcome by fire ceremony

  • Yoga and meditation (morning session)

  • Accommodation along with 3 delicious satwik vegetarian food as per one’s constitution.

  • Consultation with an Ayurvedic doctor

  • Treatments planned as per persons personal health details.

  • Medicinal herbs (included for 14 days)

EXCURSION  : Visit to Maa Ganga Arti, Trip to Kunja Puri temple, Visit to Vashishtha Gufa.

AVAILABILITY  : Anytime throughout the year.

FEES : 2100 Dollars


FOR REGISTRATION : YOU CAN MAIL US ON : madhav108@hotmail.com

CONTACT NUMBER : +91 9917892850